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ukWhere: St. Albans and Lancaster Pool's
When: ongoing


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Up and Active delivers individual and small group swim teaching and coaching upon request and organied dates. Swim coaching can be an hour or 90mins, or group sessions can be longer with a break to chat about the stroke and then return to the water. The sessions consists of swim technique, drills following by explanation of the front crawl stroke all specific to your needs and requirements.




Up and Active is now offering swim technique coaching in Lancaster and St. Albans Boys School.  These are group sessions from 2 to 6 maximum number of people. This gives you the opportunity to know what to practise over the winter months to improve your swim times in your up and coming season.


If you have been struggling with your swim technique in the pool then the morning sessions will help you understand more about the swim stroke and what is required to make swimming easier and faster! It will enable you to learn more about applying the correct swimming stroke, what to practise and the drills that can help you to change and improve.


It will enable you to make big improvements in speed and efficiency, meaning faster swim splits and saving more energy for the rest of the race.  After the pool session there will be a conference room session going through swim stroke, understanding the stroke, analysis and given key points on each individual as to their requirements. However you will need to put the work in over the winter to practise what you have learnt.


What is included on the Swim Sessions:


 Cost: £55 for the individual sessions, inlcuding the key pointers and swim drills and pool entry.

Aimed for

The clinics would be ideal for triathletes or swimmers who are looking to improve their swimming technique and may have reached either a technical or fitness plateau, or want to be able to swim without getting so exhausted. You need to be able to swim 25m Front crawl or breaststroke, ability from beginner to top age group. It is not designed for complete beginners to the water, unless you book an individual session for 1hrs.


If you have any questions please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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