Women's Only Bike Week 2018

Where: Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
When: 26th April - 3rd May 2018


Following the continued success of the Women's Only Bike Week run by Tanja Slater, Angela Coia, Sian Brice, Catriona Morrsion, & 5th Coach & Damien Cassidy, located in Playa Blanca we are back again for another year. The week gives a hugely positive experience and confidence for the Ladies. Situated by the sea front, close to the coastal path, coffee shops and with a more gentle start to the rides provides a great venue. A week of fun, progression, variety of bike sessions, skills and ideas on smarter training moving forwards. The ladies from previous years didn't think they could learn and gain so much in one week, so come and join us to learn more about riding and gain huge amounts of confidence riding on the roads.

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Women's Only Triathlon Camp 2019

Where: Club La Santa, Lanzarote
Where: 24th  - 31st January 2019

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With women’s participation in triathlon continually increasing, and the success of the women’s training camps, Club La Santa brings you the 10th Women’s Only Triathlon Camp. This year will be the 11th women's camp. The camp has a new programme and offers you a great opportunity to kick start your winter training (or avoid the European winter weather!!!) in preparation for the 2019 race season or even introduce you to the sport of triathlon in a warm climate and magnificent surroundings. During the week you will be coached in all disciplines, meet new people, have lots of fun and laughs, gain experience and maybe even compete in your first ever short distance triathlon.

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