Guy Brignola, Age Group Triathlete.


My wife and I have attended a few camps run by Tanja at various different countries and venues, some focussing on swimming, some biking and some general triathlon. Each camp has been extremely beneficial and much fun. Tanja puts tremendous effort into each camp to fully satisfy the desires of each athlete. Each athlete is specifically looked after and training is supplied uniquely for each person.

Tanja is very good at teaching and advising on correct techniques, feeding, race tactics & strategy, timing.. the list is endless.

Her professionalism, motivation and patience is unheard of. Emphasis is placed on training in such a way that injuries are avoided and if something has become an issue to pro-actively solve it, and not just sit aside and watch. Part of the camps also include sports psychology.

I have been individually coached by Tanjs for a few years now and I have made great improvements. I am already an 'older' athlete with full time profession, nevertheless the schedules are made to make training manageable and modifications made when real life issues appear! 

I strongly recommend camps organised by Tanja if you wish to learn, train, improve and have fun at the same time.


Alison Hollett, Age Group Triathlete.

I came across Tanja's training camps entirely by accident - having booked a triathlon camp....then broke my leg. Fortunately I was able to swap onto Tanja's Swim course. Once of the best accidents I've Had. Her enthusiasm and gift at coaching enable you to see real improvements. Few people are able to look at your stroke and see what YOU need to do to improve - Tanja is one of those.


I have since booking on one for her triathlon weeks, where I learnt lots and felt that I and others were pushed to achieve more than we thought we could - but importantly with a tailored programme that was adjusted for how people were feeling and injuries people were carrying. I was barely running, but was able to feel part of the group, with a run walk gang. I've been on a number of camps before that just had you doing miles; in the pool, out on the bike and running. I came back from those exhausted and not having learnt much. Tanja's camp had plenty of coaches, plenty of variety and a personal touch, I'd highly recomment it to anyone who wanted to improve their triathlon performance.




Steve Williams, Trainee Channel Relay Swimmer.


Over recent years, I have been on 6 training camps run by Tanja Slater. These have been both triathlon focussed or swimming only. I just love Tanja’s style, she makes you work, but is always mindful of your limitations and knows better than most of her pupils when they need a rest.


She copes with all abilities from first timers who can’t complete a length free style, to international triathletes.


When getting advice from Tanja, particularly for swimming, she somehow manages to give you a technique to improve, but keeps me feeling so positive that I feel like you’re Mark Spitz, not just Mr Average. If you’re thinking of attending one of Tanja’s training events, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough – take the plunge.



Oliver Watts Owner of Kinetic PB.


Tanja has the rare ability to teach all levels from the extreme beginner to an Age group World champ. I have yet to meet a more friendly and enthusiastic triathlon coach. If anyone can knock a minute off your swim time then Tanja can.



David Bristow, Age Group Triathlete.


Had a fantastic week with Tanja Slater focusing on my swimming technique in Spain at Kinetic PB. Tanja is a great coach with the ability to assess my stroke and clearly articulate what to do.  The week’s structure was clear and met all my needs and helped me improve.  With a lake, a 25m pool and the sea to use it added to the experience beyond my expectations. I loved my first sea swim race after gaining confidence from Tanja.



Rachel Hill, Age Group Triathlete.


Thanks for another great week, you continue to deliver such great enthusiasm and knowledge and all the girls have come back with a real sense of drive and excitement for getting fitter and they have all proved to themselves that they can achieve more than what they thought.



Ted Avery, Runner turned Triathlete.


just to say thank you very much for the time you spent putting together a very complicated programme for our Lanzarote training camp, especially the very different abilities that you had to cater for. We all enjoyed it  very much and came together as a very encouraging team looking forward to Roth, for which you should take a lot of credit in the way you put the programme together.

We also enjoyed the evening entertainment especially the Tapas at Bike Stop Cafe, fantastic food. Thanks for the advice and encouragement that you gave me it was a great help and hope I can build on it over the next few weeks'.



David Duckworth, Runner turned Ironman Age Group Triathlete.


thanks for a brilliant week at CLS.  A week of good company, sport, food, wine and beer, fantastic.  I now believe I will complete the Ironman, my swimming has improved far more than I expected in just one week.  I have since done a couple of 2K open water sessions and having completed them, not been close to exhaustion.  Huge improvement on my usual efforts'.


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